Many of our customers
have asked what
method we utilize with
regards to our uncanny
ability to isolate those
penny stocks that are
poised to breakout and
produce explosive

While our exact
methodology is
proprietary in nature,
we do offer a manual
that gives insight into
the minds of
professional traders -
a window into how  
the "smart money" on
Wall Street trade.

If you are interested in
receiving a copy of
this manuscript:

A Step-by-Step Guide
to Trading the Penny
Stock Market for
Consistent Profits.

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Welcome to Trading-Pennies.com

We offer real time, pre- and post-market alerts using proprietary scanners to give you an alert to low float catalyst plays between $1-20 in
motion (scalp, day, swing) that present themselves everyday in the rewarding and exciting
Penny Stock Market.

Low float stocks that trade in the Penny Stock Market often provide opportunities for 100% or greater returns in minutes to days not years!  

Case in point; on June 28 2019 we alerted our members in real-time that our scanners just alarmed that Xenetic Bioscienses Inc (XBIO)
was breaking out from an intraday consolidation .  
That day in less than 30 minutes the stock vaulted +57% .  Now honestly, when is the
last time you heard of a stock that trades on the larger market gaining 57% in under 30-minutes, let alone
in a single day!

What accounts for these explosive moves?

Low float penny stocks are generally not covered by analysts or large investment firms.  Because of this companies that reside in this
market typically are subject to explosive moves when a catalyst event occurs (news, chart pattern breakouts that quickly hits scanners and
chat rooms,etc) and traders begin to flood into them.  Since their float (number of outstanding shares available for trade) is low it causes
the price to soar as volume pours into the trade.

That’s where we come in.  At Trading-Pennies.com we provide real-time alerts to stocks setting up for short-term scalp, day and/or swing
trades) as they are happening, allowing you the opportunity to enter trade early in the move to minimize risk and maximize potential reward.

Now for the good news…..We do all the hard work for you!  Using a proprietary method of analysis our scanners constantly  watch over
12,500 stocks every day searching for those low float stocks poised to breakout and make potentially explosive gains and alert you by
posting them to you
in real-time!  

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"Considered your recommendation and bought TYME
at 1.11 and made a quick 15% !!!  Keep up the great
                                    Bob S.
                                  Commack, NY
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