Many of our customers
have asked what
method we utilize with
regards to our uncanny
ability to isolate those
penny stocks that are
poised to breakout and
produce explosive

While our exact
methodology is
proprietary in nature,
we do offer a manual
that gives insight into
the minds of
professional traders -
a window into how  
the "smart money" on
Wall Street trade.

If you are interested in
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A Step-by-Step Guide
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Welcome to Trading-Pennies.com

Our goal is to provide you with a short list of opportunities that present themselves everyday in the rewarding and exciting Penny Stock

The stocks that trade in the Penny Stock Market often provide opportunities for 100% or greater returns in days not years!  

Case in point; on August 1 2016 we alerted our members to Lithium Exploration Group (LEXG) on our free daily explosive stocks watch list.  
That day the stock vaulted +205% from the previous days close.  Now honestly, when is the last time you heard of a stock that trades on the
larger market gaining 205% in a year, let alone….
in a single day!

What accounts for these explosive moves?

Penny stocks are generally not covered by analysts or large investment firms.  Because of this companies that reside in this market
typically gain exposure and public interest in their stock by investing in large scale promotional campaigns (I’m sure you have received
numerous promotional campaigns like this in the mail from time to time).  

An interesting thing happens when these campaigns are released.  The next time you receive such a promotional campaign take the time
and look up the stock.  You will probably notice that the stock had moved up significantly
prior to the time you physically received the ad.  
Why?  Because those that paid (often great sums of money) for monthly subscriptions to those companies that produce and promote the
actual campaigns get a “heads up” before these ad campaigns are released and take position early on.  In the early phase of the
promotion more and more people take position moving the stock price higher.  By the time the mass of the general public (you) receive the
ad, the stock price has already made the bulk of it's move and all too often when the general public (you) take position it's too late.

The best way to invest in penny stocks therefore is to buy them
before they are heavily promoted and hyped up in price.

That’s where we come in.  At Trading-Pennies.com our free daily  penny stock watch list provides you with those penny stocks that will be
heavily promoted, or those already in the early phase of heavy promotion. The bottom line - If you get into the stock at the early phase of that
promotional campaign,
you too could make a fortune!

Like those that pay a great deal of money for the privilege of knowing ahead of time which stocks are being heavily promoted, you too can
buy them ahead of the big PR campaigns and wait to cash in with the big run-up that typically follows the release of the campaign to the
general public.

Now for the good news…..We do all the hard work for you!  Using a proprietary method of analysis we scan over 12,500 equities every day
searching for those penny stocks (micro cap stocks) poised to breakout and make explosive gains and alert you by posting them prior to
the markets open every day on our site.  You will find our track record of success (which we proudly post at the end of each day of trading) is
proof that this is no ordinary site for daily explosive stock picks in the Penny Stock Market.

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"Considered your recommendation and bought LEXG
at .0065 and made close to 200%!!!  Keep up the great
                                    Bob S.
                                  Commack, NY
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